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M’bare Ngom, Morgan State University

Mbaré Ngom Fayé es catedrático y jefe del Departamento de Lengua y Literatura y Director del Programa de Estudios Africanos en la Morgan State University de Baltimore (USA).


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In 2001, Prof. Ngom established the African Studies Program at Morgan State University (MSU) through a Title VI. Morgan State University is a Historically Black College and University (HBCU), located in Baltimore, Maryland. It has been declared “Maryland’s Public Urban University” by the State Legislature. The African experience, African and Transafrican, occupies a very important place in the institutional and academic life of the university. Prof. Ngom is an active member of the Association of African Studies Program Directors (AASP), and served as National Chair in 2006-2007. Some goals as a member of the WARA board are to consolidate and enhance African Studies at MSU by engaging colleagues in disciplines that have traditionally overlooked Africa; design a sustained program of outreach activities in the greater Baltimore area; and seek to interest and attract Africanists from Latin America, mostly from countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, and Brazil where there are significant populations of African Descent in order to facilitate the Transafrican connection. M’baré N’gom earned his Doctorate from the Université de Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV, France). He also holds a D.E.A. from the same institution. He teaches Spanish language, African Hispanic, and Latin American Studies, and French and Francophone Studies.  He currently serves as Interim Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.

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